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Put Your Boat to Work For You in a Charter Management Program

Buy a boat to put into charter or put your current boat to work for you when you are not using it! Here are our top five reasons to put your boat into a charter management program with Annapolis Bay Charters.

Offset the costs of owning a boat. The purchase price of the boat is the not only expense a boat owner has to worry about. Expenses incurred from boat ownership can include dockage, insurance, maintenance, fuel, and off-season storage. Those can add up fast. When you put your boat into a charter management program, you split the revenue with Annapolis Bay Charters. It will still be the boat owner’s responsibility to pay the bills, but charter income will help offset those boat expenses.

Remove the headaches that can come with owning a boat. Normal maintenance happens on a predictable schedule, but what happens when repairs need to be made? What if a hurricane is coming and you are out of state? When your boat is in our charter management program, you will benefit from our first-rate, professional maintenance and care experience. The boat owner is responsible for paying the bills, while Annapolis Bay Charters ensures all the required (and unexpected) repairs and maintenance get done. One customer, Ed Weber of Cleveland, OH, remarked that even being out of state for a hurricane, he “did not have to worry about a thing”. He has been impressed by the way the boat gets cleaned and refueled after a charter, with no action needed by him. He added, “It is really nice to have your boat taken care of”.

Having your boat ready to use when you want to use it. Just like renting out your house, there is a personal bookings calendar for your boat which allows you to choose when you want to keep your boat available for you to use. All the bookings are taken care of while giving the boat owner 24/7 access to the bookings made on your yacht. Your boat will always be turn key ready when you want to use it, with beds made, tanks full and the boat clean.

Flexibility. Given our wide range of locations, you will have the ability to move the boat to another location if you ever need to. As a part of the Dream Yacht Charter group, who operate over 40 bases worldwide, Annapolis Bay Charters yacht owners can take advantage of the world’s largest variety of sailing destinations and fleets. By purchasing your yacht within the Annapolis fleet, you become part of an unrivaled ownership program that lets you optimize your time on the Chesapeake Bay and gives you access to our yachts around the world.

Experience. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the charter business. The quality of the professional service you will receive when it comes to your boat and your bookings is unrivaled. We love the Chesapeake Bay as much as you do, and we want you to be able to explore it from the comfort of your boat, on your schedule.

Learn more about joining our fleet here and read more about charter management in a recent Spinsheet article.

Photo Courtesy of Jeanneau, © Jean-Marie Liot.