Annapolis Bay Charters is the oldest and most respected charter company on the Chesapeake Bay. In operation since 1980, this company has grown and flourished for one reason and one reason only:

Attention to details!

We not only take care of our charter clients, we take care of our Yacht Owners too. We recognize that without you, neither of us have a business. When you join the ABC family, we promise so much more than just yacht management. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our owners have to say….

“We started out as customers many years ago and were very pleased with the service we received.  When we decided to become owners we discussed our plans with ABC to ensure the boat we put into charter service fit well in the fleet.  It did, we did, and we’ve enjoyed a long relationship since 1999 when we signed on.  We feel as if we have a voice in the process, but also that there is someone on scene in case weather or other issues needs attention.  All it takes is a phone call.  We are very happy to be part of ABC.” 

Schweizer Sailing, LLC Owner of Freogan

Sailing is about trust: you must trust your boat, your crew, AND your charter company. In 25 years of sailing the Chesapeake Bay we worked with several different charter companies. ABC is by far THE BEST we found. We trust unconditionally their handling of our boat, of our guests and of our needs.
Michela Perrone & Jack Berringer Owner of La Mia Stella


Do you presently own a boat?
Do you dream of owning a boat?

Chartering your yacht can help defray the cost of ownership.
As the owner of a yacht you may have the following expenses:

  • Monthly Payment
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Slip Fees

As the owner of a charter yacht represented by Annapolis Bay Charters, Inc. you will have those same expenses, but you will have charter income to offset them!

With a comprehensive Yacht Management Program in place we can provide you with income and professional care for your yacht.

Active Yacht Ownership Program

The Annapolis Bay Charters Active Yacht Ownership Program is geared for the boat owner who wants maximum charter revenues from his boat and the most advantageous purchasing position.

The more your yacht is booked, the more revenues are generated, thus minimizing your cash flow needs.

  • Dockage at the ABC base

  • Premium quality maintenance

  • Revenue based on usage

  • Your net revenue is equal to 55% of gross income, minus charter license, marina, insurance, check in/out, spare parts, etc. ABC pays for marketing and booking the yacht

  • 24/7 access to your yacht’s booking schedule on-line in real time

  • Unlimited use of your yacht

At the end of the contract:

  • Annapolis Bay Charters guarantees, as an option, to take your boat in trade at the end of the management program as long as you acquire a new Annapolis Bay Charter boat or a Dream Yacht Charter boat.

  • You may choose to either keep your boat or sell her through our international brokerage department.

Active Yacht Ownership Tax Advantages**:

  • Utilize Section 179 of the Tax Code to set up your Active Yacht Ownership Business and offset your ordinary income
  • Through the ABC Active Yacht Ownership Program you will qualify for substantial tax advantages, available to you only through this program
  • Expert assistance with structuring the purchase and management of your yacht to ensure total compliance with the program and to substantially reduce the cost of your new yacht
  • Can even form of your retirement plan

We will create a personalized business plan specific to your needs, showing how this program works for you.

**This information is general in nature and purchasers are encouraged to seek experienced legal counsel in yacht acquisition planning and implementation. Dream Yacht Sales, LLC is not a licensed Tax Attorney, Financial Advisor or CPA and is not qualified to give legal advice. But we can introduce you to  experts who are.

To learn more about this program, please contact us at: or or just give our sales and charter office a call at: 800-991-1776


  • Annapolis Bay Charters maintains a full-time staff year round - even during the off-season.

  • Top mechanics and service staff are available continually, and, under Scott & Mike’s watchful eyes, they will treat your yacht as if it were their own.

  • A peerless cleaning crew will ensure that your vessel is cleaned between charters, overlooking nothing to ensure that your yacht gets the “white glove” treatment and is ready for the either the next client or you.

  • Highly qualified service staff will ensure that any issues that should arise once the charter has commenced are quickly and efficiently taken care of.


  • Print advertising in Cruising World, SAIL Magazine and Spin Sheet Magazine.

  • Attendance of the largest in water boat-show in North America. With a yacht exhibited in a prime location at the US Boat Show in Annapolis we attract significant interest and kick off the next seasons bookings with a bang.

  • Aggressive promotion through the internet, our monthly newsletter, and within the local business community.


  • The most popular charter location in the US.

  • The historic Chesapeake Bay is just moments away from our marina. With easy access from our Back Creek location, you can be sailing within minutes without the worries of boat traffic on Spa Creek. See all of the majestic beauty of the nearby Colonial towns, as well as the famed Chesapeake Blue Crabs, our locale is a feast for the eyes, stomach, and the soul.

  • All yachts are kept at our marina in Annapolis for the convenience of our clients and our maintenance program.

  • Excellent services are available in our marina so that any problem can be addressed without delay.


  • Comprehensive checks of the client's sailing ability including reference checks, sailing resumes and, if necessary, check out sails.

  • Extensive check-out briefings for the guests to familiarize them with the yacht. Each check-out is customized to ensure that we move at the client’s pace.
To inquire about placing your yacht in our fleet please call 800-991-1776 or click here to request more information.
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